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How To Buy Cryptocurrency Guide For 2018

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So you have really wanted to buy cryptocurrency? Now, you are ready to buy cryptocurrency, right? I believe you have gotten enough knowledge about cryptocurrencies and you are fully convinced that the future is cryptocurrency. Or it may be that you have seen a friend get rich within a short time as a result of buying and investing in cryptocurrency and then you hit yourself in the head for not taking action and doing the same. Well, whatever may be your case; I have got a piece of good news for you. Buying and investing in cryptocurrency is a worthwhile venture as it gives you great returns on your investment.


Buying cryptocurrencies is a profitable decision. When you buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, you put yourself in a position to reap massively in huge returns when the time comes for you to sell. Aside from the profits, it’s fun to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies. A beautiful thing about buying cryptocurrency is that it is very simple to do. You don’t need any technical or mathematical skills to buy cryptocurrencies. But I will advise when buying cryptocurrency, that you don’t have the mindset of having overnight riches. Don’t be too expectant of making over a million dollars in one night. It is also recommended to only buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with spare money or money that you can live without peradventure things fall apart and you end up losing. I hope you will find these two pieces of advice profitable. With those guides being established, let’s dive into how to buy cryptocurrency.


Buying cryptocurrency from Coinbase

Buying cryptocurrency is easy and simple but it is advisable to go with trusted names. If you looking for where to buying bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrencies, coin base is your number one go-to platform.  Coin base also supports Ether, Lite coin and Bitcoin cash. So, you can trade on them.  It is simple to use and globally trusted by users all over the world.  Here is what to do to buy cryptocurrency from coin base:

  1. Download the app to your mobile phone or register on their website by creating an account.
  2. Simply agree to the conditions and terms of the website. You will be welcomed immediately with a picture showing the current rise and fall of bitcoin in the market.
  3. The next step is to indicate a way you will use in purchasing cryptocurrencies by simply clicking on the “Buy/sell” tab on their website or alternatively clicking on the “Buy” button on the mobile app.
  4.  Link you’re your debit/credit card by inputting the right details on the page. This is to enable you to make some immediate but little payments as investments. If you want bigger purchases, simply a direct line to your bank account.
  5. After setting that in the step above, simply click on the “Buy” button and pick the exact cryptocurrency you want to buy.  Then input the amount of money in US dollars. It will then be converted to its equivalent amount in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you are buying.
  6. Finally, you will confirm the transaction by clicking on the buy button.

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