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Best Cryptocurrency To Buy 2018 Reddit (We took the top…)

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Cryptocurrency has been an explosive topic given that Bitcoin (btc) reached almost $20,000 in December 2017.

Since then, cryptocurrency has sparked the interest of many novice cryptocurrency investors because of the wide spread popularity that it has gained.

Likewise, in this review, I would like to take the top reddit posts and opinions that have been populated to come up with the top crypto currency coins to buy reddit.

This is simply a compilated post that features some of the most popular discussions on Reddit regarding crypto.

So sit back and relax…

Cryptocurrency Reddit 2018 Guide: So What Is it?

If you’re on this page. You know what cryptocurrency is and are probably looking for a reddit post that has a bunch of people talking about it.

Well the purpose of this post dedicated to cryptocurrency on reddit is to outline what actually distinguishes coins from one another.

Many people simply read cryptocurrency buying suggestions from blabber mouth clowns on the internet without doing actual research and then invest in crap like bitconnect.

So let me first explain the concept of cryptocurrency in a nutshell so that you understand the importance of cryptocurrency reddit.

Cryptocurrency Reddit has emerged as a new technology that provides a public ledger of transactions. Meaning if I know your wallet address and you know mine, we can see each others balance.

That may sound very insecure and offensive. Well it is…

No I’m kidding… and I don’t know why I wrote “offensive” in the above sentence. Doesn’t make sense. But i don’t care. this is my blog and I can write whatever I want so shutup.

The question is, who owns the public address?

That’s right. Privacy is guaranteed because nobody knows your name and that you solely own that cryptocurrency address — that is unless you tell them.

So what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 reddit?

To determine what cryptocurrency you need to invest in, you must look at the technology behind the coin.

It can be assumed that if a coin is in the top 10 of, then it must be a super good coin. 

While that may be enticing and accurate most of the time, you need to realize that crypto currency reddit is still developing and that some projects may develop technology that is far superior than the current top coins such as bitcoin, ripple, iota, cardano,etc.

but anyways, here are my top picks:

Number 1: Cardano (ada) Crypto Currency Reddit

That’s right. 

Bitcoin sucks and is highly speculative.

People only invest into it because it is the founding of father of all cryptocurrencies and because there is a low supply of it (remember the whole “supply and demand” thing we were taught in grade school)

Cardano, on the other hand offers an amazing cryptocurrency investing opportunity reddit because it currently has the best tech on the market.

 Ethereum was praised as the ultimate coin because of it’s POS system and other stuff but like most of the time, ethereum was unable to meet the milestone developments.

The founder of cardano, charles hospkins is a dude of nobility. He has taken cardano from the rubble and made it into something amazing. The project is currently underway but watch it go boom.

Number 2: Ethereum (ETH)

Okay, yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have bad-mouthed ethereum or it’s developer. I’m just pointing that the development process got delayed.

However, it is still a viable coin to invest in. Better now since the price went down.

Cryptocurrency review investment guide 2018

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